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Final Design Update - November 2018

Limerick City and County Council, in consultation with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, are working to progress the Foynes to Limerick Road Scheme (including Adare Bypass).


The Design Update published in May 2018 identified the proposed mainline, side road realignments and junction designs as well as whether the road was in cut or on fill.  In addition, proposed access arrangements, indicative landtake lines, watercourse diversions and the location of drainage ponds etc. were also shown.


Further work on design refinement has been progressed along the entire route of the proposed Scheme since May 2018, including the identification of lands necessary to construct this scheme.  The main changes relate to the selection of the Heavy Goods Vehicle rest area, alterations to access routes and accommodation proposals etc.


The November 2018 Final Design Update drawings are indicative and may be subject to further change in advance of the statutory process i.e. the application to An Bord Pleanála which is expected to be early in 2019.


Work is continuing on the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and other Statutory Documents. 

60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_Key.png


60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 1.png
Sheet 1
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 5.png
Sheet 5
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 2.png
Sheet 2
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 6.png
Sheet 6
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 3.png
Sheet 3
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 7.png
Sheet 7
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 4.png
Sheet 4
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 8.png
Sheet 8
60520558-SKE-108_PC 7_SHEET 9.png
Sheet 9
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