LCCC Oral Hearing


Oral Hearing Agenda

List of Submissions EIAR/NIS

List of Submissions Further Information Response EIAR

List of Submissions Foynes to Rathkeale PRS 2019,

Rathkeale to Attyflin MS 2019, Foynes Service Area Scheme 2019


Brief of Evidence - Engineering - Part A

Brief of Evidence - Engineering - Part B

Brief of Evidence -  Planning and Policy Context

Brief of Evidence - Traffic Analysis

Brief of Evidence - Air Quality and Climate

Brief of Evidence - Noise and Vibration

Brief of Evidence - Human Health

Brief of Evidence - The Landscape - Appendix B

Brief of Evidence - The Landscape 

Brief of Evidence - Soils and Geology
Brief of Evidence - Biodiversity Vertigo Snail 
Brief of Evidence - Legal Submissions
Brief of Evidence - Archaeology, Architecture and Cultural Heritage 
Brief of Evidence - Material Assets and Land Agriculture and Non-Agriculture
Brief of Evidence - Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Brief of Evidence - Equine 
Brief of Evidence - Biodiversity Bats 
Brief of Evidence - Biodiversity and NIS

Foynes to Limerick Alignment Map

Response to Oral Hearing Bat Derogation Note

Bat Derogation Licence Application – Foynes to Limerick Road (including Adare Bypass)

Derogation Licence – BAT- 2019-128 Foynes to Limerick Road (including Adare Bypass)

14131-SK-11001 - Landscape & Ecological Mitigation Drawing

14131-SK-11001- Landscape & Ecological Mitigation Drawing

14131-SK-11001 - Landscape & Ecological Mitigation Drawings - A0

HAWRAT Parameters Compilation - Information re water quality measures


The Corrigenda for the Foynes to Limerick Road (including Adare Bypass)

EIAR, NIS and Further Information Response

Foynes to Limerick Road Supplementary Information

Foynes to Limerick Further Corrigenda

Additions to the Schedule of Commitments

Protected Road Scheme Schedule – Issue 2

Protected Road Scheme Deposit Map – Issue 2

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