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The purpose of the Route Selection Report is to outline the process undertaken to identify a suitable Study Area, to identify key constraints within that Study Area, to develop feasible route options and to carry out a systematic assessment of these options leading to the selection of a Preferred Route Corridor. 


The Route Selection Report consists of three volumes.
•    Volume 1 – Main Text
•    Volume 2 – Drawings
•    Volume 3 - Appendices 
The Report is available for free download from the links below. The report is also available to view (hard copy) or purchase at the Mid West National Roads Design Office as follows:


•    Digital Version of all volumes on DVD            €10

•    Volume 1 - Main Text - A4 Printed Copy        €30

•    Volume 2 - Drawings - A3 Printed Copy         €50

•    Volume 3 - Appendices - A4 Printed Copy     €40

Volume 1 - Main Text
Volume 2 - Drawings
Volume 3 - Appendices
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