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Foynes to Limerick Public Consultation 

A study area has been defined within which a number of route corridor options have been developed. The study area extends from Foynes to Limerick City. The northern boundary of the study area borders the Shannon Estuary and the southern boundary extends to south of Rathkeale and Adare incorporating sections of the existing N69, N21, N20 and M20. Each corridor is 300m wide, within which the road alignment is likely to fall. There is currently no preference for any of the route corridor options and each will now be subject to assessment under the headings of Economy, Safety, Environment, Accessibility and Integration.


The purpose of this public consultation is to inform the public of the route corridor options under consideration and to afford the opportunity for the public to engage in the process and to raise questions, concerns and comments for consideration as part of the assessment in identifying the preferred route corridor.


Public consultation sessions were held at the South Court Hotel,

Raheen Roundabout, Raheen, Limerick on Tuesday,10th March 2015 from 2pm to 8pm and at the Flying Boat & Maritime Museum, Foynes on Wednesday, 11th March 2015 from 2pm to 8pm.

Documents can be downloaded below.
Foynes to Limerick Consultation Brochure.


The extent of the proposed study area was initially identified in mid 2014 and advertised in July 2014 with detail at the website The purpose of this first public consultation is to inform the public of the route options under consideration and invite written submissions regarding any aspects of the proposals. 

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